REHEATABLE - All meals are fully cooked so you simply need to reheat in and serve!

FREE DELIVERY - Available to seniors who do not drive...our team of volunteer drivers and our friends at Drive Happiness will deliver your food orders to you!

SERVING SIZE - Most seniors tell us they get 2 to 3 servings with our entrees and soup!

FRESH INGREDIENTS - Our Cafe team purchases fresh meat and vegetables the day before they prepare the meals.  This is to ensure only the best ingredients go into every meal we prepare for you!

OPEN TO PUBLIC - You do not have to be a member to use our meal is open to everyone!

Meal Program News and Options
April 11, 2021Latest News, Meal Program

Meal Program Contest

New meal Program Contest! We have been providing the meal program for 8 months. We had made different varieties of muffins. What will be the most popular muffin? Fill the form below to tell us your thought This contest will end on Friday...