If you check the box above, the amount you choose will automatically be charged to your credit card each month.

Individual Donation

However you choose to support WSAC, you are truly making a contribution to seniors within your community.
Your one-time gift will go to work immediately.
Your monthly gift will allow us to count on your support all year. It is easy and convenient for you and allows for a sustainable gift to help the most isolated and vulnerable seniors in our community.
Your contribution will assist with programs such as:

  • Seniors Home Support
  • Outreach
  • Subsidies for low-income seniors
  • Nutrition and health  
  • Volunteerism
  • Social Activities
  • Counseling and Support Groups

Company Donation

Many companies care about our seniors and work in partnerships with us.
Whether your company is interested in making a one-time donation, on-going donation, or sponsoring an event, we would love to hear from you.  Here are a few ideas on how your company can contribute:

  • Sponsor social events
  • Do presentations, classes, workshops, and referrals
  • Support our Older Bolder Better™ Trade Show
  • Be a lunchtime guest speaker in the Community Café
  • Sponsor a program area such as Home Support for Seniors, Outreach, and Subsidies for low-income seniors.


Bottle & Recycleable Donations

Looking for an easy way to support our centre?   Our centre is now a registered nonprofit organization with Skip The Depot!  Click on the link below and book a time for Skip The Depot to pick up your recyclables.  All monies from your recyclables will be donated to our centre!


 1.  Visit the Skip The Depot website page to sign up

  • Select the Customer Sign Up (Blue Button)
  • The system will give you a list of other nonprofit organizations that are also looking for donations – click on NO THANKS to bypass this page and arrange your pick up
  • CLICK HERE to visit their website



  • Select this if you want a pickup from your house
  • A driver will arrive between 8 AM and 5 PM on the day you select.
  • You will be able to see an estimated time of arrival in the app on the morning of your pickup.
  • If you can’t wait around, hide your bags outside and tell the driver where to look in the directions.


3. That’s it! Now You Can Donate To Our Centre!

  • Skip The Depot will then count your bags and credit your account within 48 hours after pickup.
  • They will even show you what they counted!
  • You can then cash out via Interac e-Transfer or donate your refunds to our centre!


Donate your recycling button


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