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Lorena Smalley


💊✨Unlock the Power of Medication Safety: Essential Tips for a Healthy Tomorrow!

While medications can improve our quality of life, they also present unique challenges and safety concerns, particularly for seniors. We are sharing medication management tips from the Canada Safety Council to empower you with the knowledge and skills to avoid unintended consequences or side-effects.

The 5 medication management tips!

  1. Maintain an updated medication list
  2. Understand your medications
  3. Use a pill organizer
  4. Set medication reminders
  5. Be aware of drug interactions

“Whether they’re prescribed for chronic conditions, pain management, or overall well-being, medications must be managed with care. Prioritizing medication safety is a crucial step in maintaining healthy and fulfilling lifestyles for our seniors.” Gareth Jones, President and CEO, Canada Safety Council

Managing multiple medications can be complex, but with careful attention, communication with doctors, and these safety tips, you can take control of your medication regimen and enhance your overall well-being while minimizing risks.

Click HERE to learn more about medication safety!

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