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Lorena Smalley

Fall is a leading public health issue across age groups and settings in Alberta. According to AHS, in 2017, 154,004 Albertans visited emergency and urgent care and 17,489 Albertans were hospitalized due to a fall. Falls can happen at home, at school, in recreation and leisure, in sports, in the community, at work and even on vacation.

We collected some resources for preventing falls. We are going to share these resources starting in April.

Aging in Place – Preventing Falls

“Falls are a major public health concern for older Americans, and many of these falls occur where you feel that you should be the safest: in your own home. These falls are often due to hazards that can be easy to overlook, but most are simple to fix. There are a variety of steps that you can take to ensure that you remain safe from falls at home.”

Using this checklist for yourself to find whether you are at risk of falling and get some tips to decrease the risk of falling.

A fall may change your lifestyle. There are actions you can take to prevent a fall.

  • Challenge your balance
  • Build strength
  • Be active


Taking care of your feet and wearing proper footwear are important to help prevent falls. Feet that are healthy and pain-free can help you keep your balance. Here are some tips for you to take care of your feet and choose a pair of proper shoes.


• Calm down.
• Check your body.
• If you are injured, call for help. Stay warm.
• If you are not injured, look for a sturdy piece of furniture.

A good warm-up includes a variety of movements that get you prepared for physical activity.

People with strong legs and good balance are less likely to fall. No matter what your abilities are today, you can improve your strength and balance. Use this guide to create your own exercise routine!

Everyday exercises for older adults. Build up your strength and balance to prevent fall.

Exercising with resistance bands is a great way to build strength in all parts of your body – legs, arms, and core. Bands are portable and inexpensive. You can use them at home, outdoors, or at the gym.

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