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Lorena Smalley

The Edmonton Public Library has provided access to an amazing website filled with online art classes!  We went through the classes and have pulled together a list of Daily Challenges we think you might enjoy!

Step 1: Visit the website for Creative Bug – https://bit.ly/2V0d3UD

Step 2: Sign up for a membership for free!  Simply enter your LIBRARY CARD and a PIN number. Don’t have your LIBRARY CARD? Click here to register.

Step 3: Now you have a membership!

  • Click on one of the links below OR
  • Click on their website button SEE LATEST CLASSES HERE and you can see all the classes they are offering!


Creative Boot Camp: An Artist Outing
Level: Beginner

Sometimes leaving the studio to get some fresh air is the best way to spark inspiration. Take a walk with Lisa through downtown San Francisco and see what catches her eye. Sit alongside her on a park bench as she sketches the buildings around her, and then watch how she adds color and further develops her drawings when she heads back into the studio. 




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