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Lorena Smalley

Love To Draw? 

The Edmonton Public Library has provided access to an amazing website filled with online art classes!  We went through the classes and have pulled together a list of Daily Challenges we think you might enjoy!

Step 1: Visit the website for Creative Bug – https://bit.ly/2V0d3UD

Step 2: Sign up for a membership for free!  Simply enter your LIBRARY CARD and a PIN number. Don’t have your LIBRARY CARD? Click here to register.

Step 3: Now you have a membership!

  • Click on one of the links below OR
  • Click on their website button SEE LATEST CLASSES HERE and you can see all the classes they are offering!


Daily Art Challenge: 30 Flowers in 30 Days
Level: Beginner

Become endlessly inspired with avid art journaler, painter, and artistic explorer, Pam Garrison. On this month-long journey into botanicals, Pam explores the many techniques one can use to express a flower. Along the way, Pam shares her passion for painting and drawing flowers, encouraging you to play with pens, markers, watercolor, acrylics and whatever you have on hand to create and capture magnificent blooms



Daily Drawing Challenge: 31 Things to Draw with Lisa Congdon
Level: Beginner

There’s nothing like giving yourself a big creative challenge, and boy do we have one for you: Every single day for a month, we challenge you to draw along with Lisa Congdon. Lisa has hand-picked 31 objects to draw, and demonstrates several ways to render each object using just your imagination. This creative exercise is designed to help you embrace wonkiness and imperfections, all while learning to see everything around you—be it bird or bikini—as artistic fodder.



Living a More Thankful Life: 30 Days of Gratitude
Level: Beginner

Living a More Thankful Life is about much more than saying thanks. In this 30-day creativity series, the staff at Creativebug shares favorite ways of expressing gratitude, helping our community, loving our neighbors, and honoring past, present and future family traditions – all through crafting! Each day, we’ll provide you with a new project idea or exercise that is easy, fast, fun, and will leave those around you feeling warm and fuzzy. Leave inspiring messages on Post-It notes for strangers to find, knit afghan squares for the homeless, stitch cozy beds for shelter animals, and so much more. These are our favorite ways to use creativity to shine a positive light in the world – we hope these ideas inspire you to make something for the power of good and shine your own light.



Inktober Daily Challenge: 31 Days of Drawing and Painting with Ink
Level: Beginner

For this daily challenge, fine artist, illustrator and author Lisa Congdon embraces all things ink-y! Whether you like to create detailed drawings with Micron pens or paint lush washes with India inks, Lisa shows you how to explore a variety of themes and mediums every day for a whole month. Lisa’s teaching style will help you simplify shapes and objects, distilling their most graphic elements with your unique marks and strokes. As you work your way through the challenge, Lisa provides fun daily prompts, focusing on nature, silhouettes, flowers and faces, building more techniques. Be sure to post your creations on social media using #creativebug #CBinktober and #inktober!



Daily Lettering Challenge: 31 Creative Lettering Ideas with Pam Garrison
Level Intermediate

Take your lettering to the next level in this super-creative daily lettering challenge, taught by artist and art journaler Pam Garrison. Every day for 31 days, you’ll learn a new way to fearlessly approach lettering. From doodled monograms to a Sumi ink alphabet, Pam will guide you through each prompt with easy-to-follow instruction and inspiring ideas for further exploration. Great for card making, journaling, and illustration, this class will help you grow your lettering skills and stretch your idea of what words can look like.



Daily Painting Challenge: 31 Animals with August Wren
Level Intermediate

Jennifer Orkin Lewis (also known as August Wren on Instagram) is a champion of daily painting practice, devoting half an hour each day to creating the loose and colorful paintings for which she’s known. In this month-long series, Jennifer applies her signature style to one of her favorite subjects: animals! Working from photo references (included in a PDF with the class), Jennifer shows how to simplify and stylize your animal paintings to make them your own. Each day, Jennifer shows her approach to painting critters of all shapes and sizes – from farm animals to deep sea creatures – providing opportunities for all skill levels to practice.


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