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Lorena Smalley

WESeniors Strathcona County!

On May 28, 2022, Strathcona County officially announced its partnership with the Westend Seniors Activity Centre to provide a hub of programs, services, and support to Strathcona county seniors.
Our Executive Director, Dr. Haidong Liang and his team created a 101-page proposal that took 10 days to complete and is a reflection of his 12 years of academic gerontology training and 11 years of professional experience in serving seniors.



We are extremely proud of this document and hope that the “WE Seniors” platform can help support more seniors in Alberta, in particular those who live in the rural and remote areas.”  I would like to send a special “thank you” to WSAC staff members Lorena Smalley and Shaina Bullis for working long hours during evenings and weekends to help create this document and to our Operations Manager, Barbara Jaffray for proofreading.”
“Also, our organization really appreciates the trust and support from the County Family and Community Services staff, in particular:
  • their Director Bree Claude,
  • Manager of Human Services and Innovation Lori Prediger, and
  • Project Coordinator Nicole Wilke.
We look forward to learning from and working with you. Together, we will build a new “WE Seniors Strathcona County Community Hub” for seniors and their families who deserve the best programs, services, and support.”


WHAT IS “WESeniors”

“WE Seniors” is a concept, a mentality, and an open, inclusive and innovative platform that embraces multi-sectoral, win-win, and sustainable partnerships. As a gerontologist, our Executive Director, Haidong Liang’s definition of seniors is that WE ARE ALL SENIORS because seniors’ networks involve families, caregivers, friends, and people they interact with every day.



Please click on the link below to read the press release from Strathcona County!
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