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Lorena Smalley


Over the past couple of months, we have received inquiries regarding Service Dogs at WSAC.

The answer to the question is, yes, Service Dogs are very welcome at WSAC, however, there are a few guidelines WSAC must follow as well, there are guidelines the Service Dog must follow too!

  • The training standard for service dogs requires all working dogs to wear a jacket, cape, harness, or other equipment that marks them as service a dog.
  • Service dogs are also expected to be under control at all times and not present a danger to persons or property.
  • If you wish to bring your Service Dog into the WSAC Cafe, you must present the Service Dog Identification Card
  • Service Animals are covered under the Service Dogs Act and Service Dogs are covered by this act through their Service Dog identification card. This Act outlines WSAC’s responsibilities to the Service Dog & Handler.
  • Service Dogs are only allowed in the WSAC Cafe once they have presented their Service Dog Identification Card (as per Public Health guidelines)

Proof of Identification

  • All qualified service animals in Alberta are issued with a Government Identification Card, the card has the service animal in question photo on it.
  • Going forward, WSAC Administration will be asking for proof of Identification and only Service Animals issued with the Alberta Government Issued Card will be allowed into our Cafe.

Emotional Support Animals

  • As current legislation does not include protection for Emotional Support Animals, in Alberta or any other province in Canada, we will make allowances for them to be in the building, on a lead.
  • They will not, however, be permitted in the cafe. If someone is here with their Emotional Support Animal, we will find another space to let them have coffee or a meal. 

Should you be asked questions about where Service Animals can be in our centre, we would prefer that you find a Manager to discuss with the owner or person asking. 


– Information from the Government of Alberta

In Alberta people with disabilities have the right to bring their qualified service dogs into any public place.

Certified dog trainers from a qualified organization also have the right to access public places while training a service dog.

Service dogs must be under the handler’s control at all times, and should not cause any disruption.

It is an offence to deny public access to people who use qualified service dogs, and doing so can result in a fine up to $3,000.

It is also an offence to falsely claim to have a disability to get public access rights for a pet; doing so can result in a fine up to $300.



To be considered a qualified service dog in Alberta, a dog must:

  • Come from one of Alberta’s qualified service dog organizations;
  • Pass an assessment administered by a qualified organization; or Come from a school certified by Assistance Dogs International (ADI); or
  • Be a qualified service dog from British Columbia, which has equivalent standards as Alberta.

Identification Cards

  • Qualified service dogs owners can apply for a Government of Alberta Service Dog ID card at no cost.
  • The card contains the Alberta government logo and a clear picture of both the service dog and the handler.
  • The card verifies that the person and the service dog are qualified under Alberta law and have public access rights.
  • Service dog owners may be asked to show their ID card to verify they are qualified.


Government of Alberta ID card:

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