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Lorena Smalley

West Edmonton Paint Store Passionate about Colour and Design!

Gil and Sabrina Antunes opened The Brilliant Brush in the Spring of 2019. Between them, they have 30 years of experience in the commercial painting and interior design industry. Now focused exclusively on the paint business, you can lean on them for paint advice, getting estimates or choosing a color. 

We are very excited to have The Brilliant Brush be part of our 2020 Friends of WSAC and look forward to the fun articles and Toonie Talks they will be doing at our centre!

Like any good introduction, the first impression is everything.  The following article gives us some great information on ideas and inspiration for paint colours to redefine your entryways impression.


Guest Blog Post – “Home Entryway Paint Colour Ideas & Inspiration “

When choosing colours for your entryway, think about how you want to greet your guests–and how you would like to be greeted too.  Whether with a warm neutral or a deeper hue, your entryway’s paint colour immediately sets a mood. On the practical side, entryways are high traffic areas, so a highly washable and durable product, like Regal® Select Interior, is ideal.

An Elegant Welcome

The entryway is a transitional space that family and guests spend only a brief amount of time in, so opting for soft, welcoming neutrals is always a popular choice. Lighter colour paint on walls keeps the entryway area open and airy. Neutrals also offer seamless colour flow into surrounding rooms.

You can add liveliness to neutral colours by mixing and matching several choices on wainscotting, trim and walls. If space allows, consider an accent piece like a small table or colourful chairs to layer in details that are both practical and pretty.

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