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Lorena Smalley


We are pleased to have the opportunity to introduce Martha Miller as a yoga instructor at WSAC.

Martha’s yoga journey began in the early 2000s’ when a change in work location resulted in her neighbourhood YMCA no longer being available for an early morning workout. Attending yoga with a variety of hatha yoga teachers led Martha to Rachel Foster (YAA Senior Teacher) where relaxation and breath were an integral part of the teaching style. She was encouraged to enroll in teacher training and received her YAA certification in 2014 followed by AFLCA in 2016.

Martha has enjoyed teaching in a range of settings and with a variety of participants, including active adults, seniors, and families; as well as members of community leagues, those who love yoga outdoors and those in wheelchairs. Incorporated into classes are the use of props, hatha poses and movements that promote balance and well-being. Breath and relaxation equal strength, the strength of being centered. Martha likes her students to relax, having made the decision to come to class, laugh, as they seek balance and deep ties as a yoga community.

Martha has been instructing Yoga, Balance and Wellbeing for the last few years at WSAC and has a loyal following. This summer we are pleased Martha will be leading the Yin Yoga Classes in Vera’s absence. Martha invites Vera’s students to join her to deepen their ties in the yoga community too.

Classes fill quickly so ensure you register soon!


To learn more about Martha’s classes:

Yoga for Balance and Wellbeing SUMMER


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