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Lorena Smalley


Lymburn Community League




  • Yoga mat
  • Yoga strap/therabnad



  • ESSENTRICS® – Is a dynamic, full-body workout, suitable for all fitness levels created by Canadian, Miranda Esmonde-White, the author of the New York Times bestsellers, Aging Backwards and Forever Painless.
  • This fitness program has been around for 20+ years and has been widely seen on PBS where Miranda has developed a strong following of students.
  • This is an age reversing workout that will rebalance your body, restore movement in your joints, increase the flexibility in your muscles, relieve pain and stimulate your cells to increase energy, vibrancy and your immune system.


This is an age reversing workout that will restore movement in your joints, improve flexibility and strength in your muscles, relieve pain and stimulate your cells to increase energy, vibrancy and your immune system.   

This class is aimed at regaining your mobility while slowly building strength and reawakening the power of your 650 muscles!  This class has a slower pace than our general Essentrics class.  It is designed for those who have atrophy related stiffness, frozen shoulder, chronic aches and pains or who are beginning to exercise after a long sedentary period.  For men and women of all ages who are looking for a gentle, slow tempo class.

  • 1 hour class
  • We are standing through the majority of the class, with 10 minutes on the floor doing stretching and the last 15 minutes standing using a chair to do stretching.
  • If you are unable to get down on the floor you can do this part of the class from a chair
  • This is not designed for people with mobility issues.  We have an Essentics Gentle Stretch class that might be fit.



We start the class with some gentle movements from a standing position.  We work the top 3 muscles (front, back and side) by swinging our arms, bending the wrists, moving in a nice gentle way to loosen up and warm up.  For our lower body we do things like swinging our legs gently, gentle kicking and arm movements as we get ready for our class.  

This class is all about movement as we work on range of motion, mobility, strength, flexibility and toning.



We root our body and get into a nice full back stretch.  We then move into big movements to free up the spine and work through the arms, shoulders and back, focusing on rotation, lateral and forward and backward movement of the spine. 



After that we do a series of movements working on the legs and lower body…lunges, stretching and toning the lower body, calf stretches, getting into the Achilles and our whole leg.  We continue with light kicks and lengthening our legs as we work on our balance and toning.  We also work on different movements, as we work to improve our balance in our lower body.

Now we move back into working on our arms, moving our fingers, wrists and more.  Then we go back to our spine work, doing windmills, strengthening our backs as we add in lower body movements as well…nice big circular movements as we work on strengthening our functional movements.  





We continue these transitions between our upper and lower body movements until we are ready to get down on the ground.

We do find participants often start using a chair to help with balance but as they progress through the series of classes, their balance and strength often improves enough to no longer need the chair for assistance.





We start with a fitness strap to help us as we work on our range of motion and create a bit of resistance.  We do a series of lower body stretching on our backs.  We also do some core strengthening with some gentle movements to balance our body.  The instructor will remind you to work within your own range of motion.  

We work towards the end of the class with some stretching from a sitting position (either on the floor or in a chair), doing hip flexor stretches, hamstrings and other lower body exercises




Now it’s time to cool down with gentle spine movements, stretching and movement to cool down the rest of our body. 

Now you are ready for the rest of your day!

INSTRUCTOR – Samara Hipkin –  Level 4 instructor


Samara Hipkin is a Level 4 Certified Essentrics® Instructor and Swim Coach.  Samara has been teaching Essentrics for over 4 years with eOne Fitness and currently teaches at WSAC.   She enjoys working with seniors and children and her warm smile and kind heart makes her students feel welcome as she encourages them to keep learning and moving with Essentrics®.

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