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Tap Into the Power of Your Pharmacist: What Pharmacists Can Do Beyond the Pharmacy Counter!!

Pharmacists are not just there to dispense medications, your pharmacist knows all kinds of secrets that could help you. So perhaps it’s time to start tapping into this under-utilized health resource. Your pharmacist can:

  • review your entire medication record for potential interactions,
  • see if you’re taking drugs with duplicate effects, and check on prescription refills.
  • renewing your existing medications to prescribing in certain conditions.
  • flu vaccinations to various types of immunizations and injections.

From how to better manage your health to how to better manage the drug cost, your pharmacist can give you the right advice. Join us to explore all these opportunities and much more.


  • Ran out of your medications and need refills? No worries, we can write you a prescription and fill it on the spot
  • Having any medical concerns? Ask our prescribing pharmacist
  • Having muscle pain and looking for fast relief? Ask our pharmacist about our special compound.
  • Suffering from Acne, Atopic dermatitis, or any other skin concern? Talk to our prescribing staff today

We also offer:

  • Free delivery and pick up of prescriptions
  • Big discounts for all customers
  • Everyday seniors discount
  • Free blood pressure monitoring
  • Free blister packing
  • Diabetic & asthma educator.
  • Free home consultations for seniors
  • Compounding services

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Since 2019, Terra Losa Pharmacy has  co-hosted Toonie Talk presentations here at the centre on a variety of topics:

  • Heart Disease & Diabetes – A Guide To Self Management
  • Arthritis – Symptoms, Management & Treatment
  • Tapping Into The Power Of Your Pharmacist – What Pharmacists Can Do Beyond The Pharmacy Counter

They have also hosted our annual Flu Shot Clinic!

Watch our TOONIE TALK schedule to see when Terra Losa will be back at the centre in 2023!

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