Jay on Boxing Day

Jay Pritchard – President

Jay has been a member of WSAC for five years and is currently serving in his fourth year on the Board of Directors.  His training and experience has been in the area of Public Education as teacher, principal and superintendent.  He and his wife both say that the best thing that has happened to them since retiring and moving to Edmonton has been finding and joining our Centre. WSAC provides us access to outstanding programs, interactions with terrific members and staff and utilization of exceptional facilities.  Jay says that we have a great Board and he feels thrilled to act in a leadership capacity with them.

Barbara picture

Barbara Gibson – Vice President

Barbara has been a member of WSAC for four years and is currently serving her second year on our Board of Directors. Prior to retirement Barbara enjoyed a very successful forty-four year career in the field of Nursing, forty-one years of which were focused on Nursing Education.  Four of those years were spent serving as Undergraduate Assistant Dean in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. When asked about her motivation for becoming a Board member Barbara said, “she wants to utilize her professional knowledge, experience & energies by volunteering to enhance the lives of seniors.

Spurgeon picture

Spurgeon Gammon – Treasurer

Spurge has been a member of WSAC for seven years and is currently serving in his second year on the Board of Directors in the capacity of Treasurer.  His background and experience has been exclusively in the Accounting area as he owned and managed a public accounting firm in Banff for almost thirty years. Over the past six years the Centre has introduced him to friends, activities and a social life. Spurge says that he was “compelled by the benefits he derived from the Centre, to contribute something of himself in return.”

Marilyn picture

Marilyn Tywoniuk – Director

Marilyn has been a member of WSAC for nine years and is currently serving her third year on our Board of Directors.  Before retiring she worked for 30 years as a Public Educator (25 in Edmonton), most recently as a Principal with Edmonton Public School Board.  Marilyn says her interest in Board work with WSAC comes from her strong desire to optimize opportunities for those of us who are “young at heart”.

John picture

John Kennedy – Director

John has been a member of WSAC for eleven years and has previously served on our Board of Directors (four years) in the capacity of Treasurer. He is serving in his 6th year as a Board member and is in year two of a two-year term on the current Board.  John proudly carries the title of Certified Professional Accountant and has worked in public practice, industry and government, most recently with the Federal Government as an auditor.  John says that he has chosen to serve on the Board again because the Centre “gives” to him and he wishes to try his best to “give back”.

Sharon Quickfall – Director

Donna picture

Donna-Mae Lambert – Director

Donna-Mae has been a member at WSAC for almost four years and is currently serving in her third year on the Board of Directors. She has been a business owner, a travel guide, has provided service as a medical transcriptionist and as a business administrator.  Donna-Mae believes that her positivity and energy will serve the Board and the Centre well.  She is very interested in understanding how the organization operates in order to be able to provide appropriate guidance.

Ruth picture

Ruth Ann Linklater – Director

Ruth Ann has been a member of WSAC for five years and is currently serving her first term as Director on the Board. She participates in several activities at the Centre including the Birthday Celebration, Pot-Luck Dinners, Card Playing, Woodworking Activities, and regularly visits to the Library. Approximately a year ago she was encouraged by Spurge, Treasurer to consider becoming a Director. She seriously considered this invitation and decided to put her name forward as a Director. Ruth Ann graciously accepted the role and responsibility to provide her expertise as a new Director on the Board of Directors. Ruth Ann takes pride in her ability to establish and sustain her private practice Kin No Mah Gae Wi Nun “Teachings” which provided therapeutic counseling and workshop facilitation for more that 15-years.

Kaye picture

Kaye Langager – Director

Kaye has been a member of WSAC for two years, since her return to Edmonton. Kaye owned and operated an Insurance Brokerage firm, specializing in Corporate Group and Pension plans. She has been involved in numerous and varied non for profit Boards, including CLSA and Excel Society. She has also volunteered as a member of Victim Services and Restorative Justice. She has found WSAC to be a fabulous center for all that it offers to Seniors in the community and is looking very forward to being a part of an exciting and growing organization.

Wendy for website

Wendy Laws – Director

Wendy has been a member of WSAC for three years and is beginning her first year on the Board.  During Wendy’s working years she was part of a large company, performing as Western Canadian Inventory Supervisor and later as Accounts Receivable Supervisor & Admin Supervisor.  Wendy volunteers at the Edmonton Mennonite Center, working as an assistant ESL teacher with adult immigrants, she also volunteers at the Misercordia Hospital.  Wendy is also the WSAC Birthday Party Coordinator.  After retirement she found WSAC to be an inclusive, friendly place that offers Seniors a wonderful location for socializing and exercising both body and mind. She looks forward to serving on the Board, learning how things work and perhaps bringing some new thoughts and ideas to the WSAC.

Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith – Director

Sharon has been a WSAC member for 8 years. Her background is in the area of Counseling and Teaching, with a specialty in Leadership and Training.  Her most recent job was as a faculty member at Douglas College where she worked as Regional Student Transitions Coordinator.
Sharon says she decided to join our Board in order to contribute to her community and because she is committed to providing quality services to seniors.  A strong belief for Sharon is, “To handle yourself, use your head; to handle others, use your heart.” (Eleanor Roosevelt).