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Lorena Smalley

OUTREACH & SOCIAL WORKHelping others never grows old

Many seniors are unaware of the numerous resources and support services that exist to help them. The goal of Westend Seniors Activity Centre’s Outreach Program is to aid and support seniors by connecting them with necessary resources within the community.

DID YOU KNOW… Outreach Workers Support Seniors And Their Families By:

Form Completion

WSAC’s Outreach workers are here to help you with form completion for agencies such as Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, Alberta Seniors Benefits, and housing applications.

Forms Can Feel Complicated
& Overwhelming, We're Here
To Help

Emotional Support

If you feel you would benefit from someone to talk to you can call our Outreach Department and we can provide resources to a support group or counsellor to speak with.  
Your Emotional Wellbeing Matters,
Let Us Help You Find Support

Needs Assessments

If you are finding that you have concerns but are not sure how to sort them out or where to go to get help, through a conversation with our Outreach team we can gather information from you to determine what resources are available to address your needs.
Determine Your Individual Needs
& Find The Right Resources

Independent Housing and Supportive Living

Please call our Outreach Department if you require information on housing, whether it’s independent or supportive living we can provide resources and information.
Make Informed Decisions
& Live Happily

Seniors Benefits

If you feel you are not receiving all of your senior’s benefits, we can go over what you are currently receiving and if you are missing a benefit (eg:   CPP, OAS, GIS (if applicable), and Alberta Seniors Benefits), we can provide information and resources for you to follow-up with.
Are You Getting Everything
You're Entitled To? Let Us Check


If you are low-income there are benefits that you may be able to receive through Alberta Special Needs Benefits.  Call our Outreach Department for further information.
We Can Help With Applications For
Benefits If You Are Low-Income

Elder Abuse

If you feel you are in an abusive situation, whether it’s physical, emotional, financial, sexual, medical, please call our Outreach Department.  We can provide you with resources to an Elder Abuse team or a Safe House.
We're Here To Help

Meals and Nutrition

Please call our Outreach Department for resources about prepared meals and Nutritional Support including, Food Bank, Grocery Deliveries, and more.
A Full & Balanced Diet Is
Important For Your Health

Mental Health and Grief Services

Whether you are suffering from Mental Health issues (eg: anxiety, depression) or you require grief and loss support, please call our Outreach Department for the appropriate information and resources.
You're Mental Health Is
Worth Talking About


If you are in need of transportation and not sure who to call, we can provide you with information and resources to transportation agencies or DATS if applicable. 
Get Where You Need To,
Without Worry


If you are feeling lonely, please call our Outreach Team, we can provide you with resources to a full range of programs that will suit your needs.
We're Only A Call Away,
Reach Out Today


For assistance by phone:

  • Shirley Kilsdonk – Community Outreach Manager | shirley@weseniors.ca | 780 454-2465

For in-person appointments:

  • Home Supports – Ruth Assoue| HomeSupports@weseniors.ca | Ext. 232
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