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OUTREACH & SOCIAL WORKHelping others never grows old

Many seniors are unaware of the numerous resources and support services that exist to help them. The goal of Westend Seniors Activity Centre’s Outreach Program is to aid and support seniors by connecting them with necessary resources within the community.

DID YOU KNOW… Outreach Workers Support Seniors And Their Families By:

Form Completion

Drowning in paperwork? Government forms and official documents don’t have to be a tidal wave!” If you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed or unsure about filling out forms, whether it’s for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), Alberta Seniors Benefits, or any other paperwork, we are here to help.

Together, we can sit down and go through each section step-by-step. We will make sure you understand every question and provide guidance on how to answer them accurately. And if there are any terms or sections that seem confusing, we’ll demystify them together.

Beyond government benefits, there might be other forms you encounter, like housing applications, medical paperwork, or community program registrations. No matter the document, we are here to assist and ensure everything is filled out correctly.

Remember, you don’t have to navigate this paperwork alone. Whenever you have a form that needs completing or a question about a document, just reach out.

Forms Can Feel Complicated
& Overwhelming, We're Here
To Help

Emotional Support

We understand that as we age, life can present its own set of unique challenges. Sometimes, it’s not just about the physical side of life, but the emotional ones too. We know that everyone needs someone to talk to and sometimes just having someone there to hear you, can make a world of difference.

If you ever feel overwhelmed, or if you think you might benefit from more specialized support, we can connect you with support groups or counselling services that can help you. These groups and professionals can offer guidance, coping strategies, and a community of individuals who might be going through similar experiences. It’s all about ensuring you have the resources and support you need to navigate this phase of life.

Remember, it’s okay to seek help or just someone to chat with. Whether it’s about a recent change in your life, feelings of loneliness, or any other concerns, we are here to support you.

Your Emotional Wellbeing Matters,
Let Us Help You Find Support

Seniors Benefits

Understanding all the ins and outs of senior’s benefits can sometimes be a bit tricky, right? If you ever have that nagging feeling that you might not be receiving all the benefits you’re entitled to, I’m here to help.

We can sit down and go over what you’re currently receiving. Whether it’s the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Old Age Security (OAS), or the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) if it applies to you, and Alberta Seniors Benefits. We’ll make sure everything is in order. It’s essential to ensure you’re getting everything you’re eligible for.

If we find that you’re missing out on a benefit, don’t worry. We can provide you with all the necessary information and resources so you can follow up and make sure you’re getting what you deserve.

Remember, you’ve worked hard throughout your life, and it’s essential to ensure you’re receiving all the support and benefits available to you. Whenever you have questions or concerns, just reach out.



Are You Getting Everything
You're Entitled To? Let Us Check


Understanding the realm of financial support can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re uncertain about the options at your fingertips. If you’re on a tight budget or have a low income, there’s good news! Alberta has provisions like the Alberta Special Needs Benefits designed specifically to support you.

These benefits aim to provide a helping hand to those who need it most. Whether it’s assistance with daily living expenses or other financial needs, there’s potential support out there for you.

Not sure where to start or if you qualify? No worries! Just give us a call. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need, guide you through the application process, and answer any questions you might have.

Remember, everyone deserves a bit of financial peace of mind, and we’re here to help you achieve that.

We Can Help With Applications For
Benefits If You Are Low-Income

Elder Abuse

If you ever feel that you’re in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable with the way you are being treated, please reach out. No one should ever have to endure abuse, and it’s essential to recognize that abuse can manifest in various ways.

Abuse isn’t just physical. It can be emotional, where your opinions and thoughts are not taken into consideration or you are being threatened. It can be financial, where someone might be taking advantage of your money or assets. There’s also sexual abuse, neglect, and even medical abuse. It’s crucial to understand that any situation where you feel taken advantage of, or where your well-being is at risk, is not okay.

We are here to provide you with resources and guidance. We have strong connections with community agencies that specialize in addressing elder abuse, such as the Elder Abuse Team and Safe House. Remember you are not alone in dealing with this. We have resources to help ensure your wellbeing and safety. If you or someone you know is going through

We're Here To Help

Meals and Nutrition

Eating well is so important, especially as we get older. If you’re looking for resources on prepared meals and nutritional support, we’re here to help. Our Outreach Department has a wealth of information to offer.

Whether you need assistance from the Food Bank, are looking into Grocery Deliveries, or seeking other nutritional support services, we’ve got the details you need. It’s all about ensuring you have access to wholesome meals and the right resources to maintain a balanced diet.

If you have questions about any of these services, just give our Outreach Department a call. We’re dedicated to supporting you, making sure you’re nourished and supported.

A Full & Balanced Diet Is
Important For Your Health

Mental Health and Grief Services

Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes, we all need a little extra support to get through the tougher moments. Whether you’re grappling with mental health challenges like anxiety or depression, or navigating the difficult waters of grief and loss, know that you’re not alone.

We understand the importance of mental well-being and the profound impact of grief. Our Outreach Department is equipped with a wealth of information and resources tailored to support you during these times.

If you ever feel the need to talk, seek guidance, or simply explore the services available to you, please don’t hesitate to call us. We’re here to connect you with the right resources, professionals, and community programs that can help.


You're Mental Health Is
Worth Talking About


Getting around town should be smooth and hassle-free, especially when you have places to be and people to see. If you ever find yourself wondering about transportation options or aren’t sure who to reach out to, we are here to help.

We have a wealth of information and resources on transportation agencies, including services like the DATS Bus and, have you heard about our partnership with Drive Happiness? They’re a fantastic organization dedicated to ensuring seniors have reliable and friendly transportation options.

So, whether you have a doctor’s appointment, want to visit friends, or just need to run some errands, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re here to connect you with the best transportation solutions tailored to your needs.


For assistance by phone:
780 483-1209

For in-person appointments:
Coordinated Outreach Generalist  – Gabby Sanchez| outreach@weseniors.ca | Ext. 232
Social Worker – Laura Wong, RSW| outreach@weseniors.ca | Ext. 223

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