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Lorena Smalley


Deborah is one of the newer fitness instructors at the Westend Seniors Activity Centre but she is not new to the fitness world.

Deborah started off by participating in fitness classes for several years until one day an instructor of one of her classes suggested that she try leading a class. Soon thereafter, Deborah completed her Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association training in 2001 and earned her “older adult certification” in 2019.

Deborah has been teaching fitness classes all over the city and currently teaches at other Edmonton seniors facilities as well as for the City of Edmonton. She enjoys teaching classes that include cardio, barre, strength training, stretching, kickboxing, and rebounder (trampoline-type workout).

Some of the most memorable compliments she has received in the past were from participants telling her that they hadn’t really participated in activities for quite some time, but after attending several of Deborah’s classes, they reported that they were able to go out and enjoy certain activities again without feeling any pain or discomfort.

Feedback and positive stories like this make leading fitness classes worth it for Deborah because simple things can make an amazing impact on other people’s lives. Deborah has a diverse background that includes esthetics, a psychology degree, and a certified dog trainer but adult fitness training is what she is the most passionate about. Besides fitness, she also loves her dogs and cats and enjoys cooking, reading, gardening, and learning. 



  • Fit For Life- Mondays 11:30- 12:30 – CLICK HERE to learn more about this class


  • Circuit Training- Fridays 11:30 – 12:30 – CLICK HERE for more information about this class
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