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Lorena Smalley

A trip to learn about Indigenous Peoples Experience 

Come join us!

Gather and explore life through the diversity of First Nations’ and Métis peoples’ histories, cultures, experiences, and perspectives of the Edmonton region.

 Words can’t do the experience justice, but you should know that this is not a sterile museum. As its name suggests, this is an experience, immersing you in an almost dream-like environment. It gives one a few different tastes rather than a whole meal, but somehow the effect is more powerful. And it is not surprising that visitors needed time afterwards to process everything they absorbed.

In creating the Experience, deep conversations with Indigenous Elders, historians, educators, and community members and those conversations formed the content of The Indiginous Peoples Experience. As well, the stories, music, artwork, and text in the Experience comes from local Indigenous perspectives.

The Experience reflects a rich and resilient history with a deep connection to the land and seasons. Whether in Cree, Dene, Anishinaabe, Nakota, Blackfoot, or Michif, this shared knowledge is timeless. It does not just exist in the past. It is here today.


  • Wednesday, May 25th, 2022
  • Leave Centre at 9:20 am
  • Arrive Back to Centre at 12:45 pm
  • Light Lunch at Selkirk Hotel (Johnson’s Cafe)


  • Fort Edmonton Park

Cost (includes Lunch):

  • $57.00 for members
  • $62.00 for non-members
  • Sign up deadline – May 13th

Please Purchase the tickets at WSAC Front Desk.

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