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Lorena Smalley

With the recent announcement from the Government’s stages for reopening, our telephone lines have been busy with members all asking “when will the centre be reopening?”

We can’t give a hard date for reopening but we can provide you with some information to let you know our plans as an organization.

We will continue to strictly follow the government guidelines.  This means that when the province reaches Stage 3 of the reopening plan, we can look at reopening our centre.  As you can understand there is a significant amount of work needed to reopen and past experience with reopening taught us we need at least one full month to prepare for a reopening.  Also, reopening does not mean we will be back to normal, with all of our regular programs and classes, drop in activities and events…we will reopen our classes and activities as time and space allow.

In addition, reopening means we will be implementing the processes needed to ensure we are keeping our members safe.  You may remember that last fall:

  • We asked you to arrive early for your classes to allow for the screening process.
  • Everyone was required to wear masks while in our centre.
  • All participants were asked to wash and sanitize their hands prior to their classes.
  • We had smaller classes to ensure we were meeting the physical distancing requirements and 
  • Everyone was asked to assist with cleaning once the classes were finished.

Our goal as an organization is to keep our staff and members safe.  We will update you as the government stage’s proceed.  We ask that you please be patient and kind to our staff as we work through this.  We would also like you to be aware that WSAC staff have only received their first vaccine so this is something we need to all keep in mind as we move forward.

Please visit our website and continue to read our newsletters for updates.

Dr. Haidong Liang
Executive Director
Westend Seniors Activity Centre


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