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Lorena Smalley

We continue our series on WALKING by sharing with you an article we found on Stretching.  As with most physical activity, we all know it is important to stretch.  This article does a fantastic job of:

  • explaining why,
  • outlining the stretches we should be doing,
  • has some great photos and
  • easy to understand descriptions to make sure you are doing them correctly!

The 5-Minute Stretching Routine That Will Keep You Walking Strong BY DANIELLE KOSECKI

No one wants to extend their workout longer than they have to, but experts say skipping a post-walk stretch session is a bad idea. “Absolutely, definitely, positively stretch after your walks,” says walking coach Michele Stanten, an ACE-certified fitness instructor and the author of Walk Off Weight.

Although it’s debatable whether stretching keeps soreness at bay or prevents injuries, says Stanten, it does still serve an important purpose. “Your muscles are warmer at the end of a walk so it’s easier to increase your range of motion and flexibility,” says Stanten. “And if you want to keep walking as you get older, you need to maintain your flexibility and range of motion. That’s really the reason you want to make sure you’re doing it.”

Plus, it just feels good. And who doesn’t like to end a workout on a high note? So take a look at the post-walk stretching routine below and then give it a go after your next step session. If the weather is good, you can do it outside. Otherwise head indoors, power up the blender for a recovery smoothie and sip while you stretch.

Stretching Routine for Walkers

Do each exercise below at least once, stretching each leg for at least 30 seconds. “Holding a stretch for 30 seconds has the most benefit,” says Stanten, “but if you can get up to a minute for each leg, even better.”


CLICK HERE to visit the FITBIT website to see the stretches and read the rest of this article!

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