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Lorena Smalley

It’s no secret that writing down thoughts, feelings, frustrations, experiences, and life lessons in a notebook or journal (or on a computer screen) helps preserve memories for the future. But are you aware that writing in a journal can also have health benefits?

We found this interesting article by Readers Digest that outlines why journaling is so good for us.

Writing Heals

Studies suggest that emotional or expressive writing can reduce high blood pressure, enhance immune function, decrease the severity of asthma and arthritis symptoms, promote wound healing, increase AIDS patients’ white blood cell counts and even help young people quit smoking.

A study in the June 2008 Journal of Pain and Symptom Management reported that a group of cancer patients, who spent at least 20 minutes once a week for three weeks writing a story about how cancer affected them, experienced less pain and reported higher levels of well-being the more emotionally revealing their stories were.

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They even provide you with an Exercise to Try

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