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Lorena Smalley

We have saved the best for last!  The All-Time Team of the Edmonton Oilers!  We took a look at the list and no real surprises there.  For those of us fortunate enough to have lived in Edmonton in the 1980s and who had a front seat to watching these teams on a regular basis thanks to Global TV, who can argue the choices!

The All-Time 7: Edmonton Oilers All-Time Team

Of all TSN’s All-Time Teams none features a concentration of players from a period so brief as the Edmonton Oilers.  Sixteen of the 21 players played all or part of the Oilers’ five Stanley Cup years spread over seven seasons.

Edmonton was a charter member of the WHA, playing all seven seasons; Gretzky was famously traded to the Oilers in the renegade league’s final season (1978-79). When the NHL added four WHA teams the following season, Edmonton was permitted to protect four players and Gretzky was foremost among them.

The eight-time Hart Trophy winner’s singular statistical dominance has been expressed in many ways, but the very best may be this: he would have won three scoring titles and tied for a fourth on the basis of assists alone.

Not to put too fine a point – pun intended – on it, but Gretzky could have failed to score a single goal in 1982-83, 1985-86 and 1986-87 and still won the Art Ross Trophy.

It would be 30 years – from 1987 to 2017 – before another Oiler, Connor McDavid, won the scoring title. McDavid was the NHL’s top scorer in 2017 and 2018 and Leon Draisaitl was a lock to make it three Oilers in four years this season before the NHL paused.


We agree with the goalie picks…do you?  CLICK HERE to visit the TSN website and read who the rest of the Oilers All-Time Team is and why they were selected!

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