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Lorena Smalley


On Friday, Feb 26th we held our first-ever kitchen fundraiser bottle drive!

Our goal is to raise $8000 so we can buy a commercial mixer and all the attachments for our kitchen’s frozen meal program.

It was -20 outside but that didn’t stop our Executive Director, Haidong Liang, staff members Thomas, Tracy, and Lilianna from greeting people, grabbing bags of bottles out of vehicles, and handing out loot bags and hot chocolate to almost 80 cars.



Within the first hour, we had filled our front area sitting area!  City of Edmonton Councilor Andrew Knack braved the cold to greet members and help bring the bags into the centre.  By the end of the 4 hours, the bottles filled our entire front entranceway!



We spent Monday filling a u-haul truck, a staff member’s van and even our local MLA Jon Carson offered up his car to help us get all the bottles to the depot in 1 load!    



WE RAISED $1708.00!


In total, our members and friends helped us raise an amazing $1708.00!

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