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Lorena Smalley


In processing refunds for programs at the centre, several members have opted to forego their refund, and instead, return it to the centre.  Their kindness and generosity is assisting the centre to continue to run, despite these difficult times. It is because of their kindness that we are able to continue to offer programming online and make plans for the future that include our Community Cafe and Outreach departments. Every dollar helps us to help seniors to our fullest potential! 

Special thanks go to the entire Westend Singers Choir Group who graciously worked together to donate the entire refund for the group to the centre! As well, thank you to the volunteer Choir Director, Geraldine Rootsaert, for organizing the donation with the WSAC Program Department. As always, we could not accomplish all that we do without the work of valued volunteers, such as Geraldine! THANK YOU!

We want to take this opportunity to thank the following donors from the bottom of our hearts who have donated their refunds thus far during the COVID 19 pandemic:

Joan Anderson
Lida Armstrong
Adele Beaudry
Mylinda Bergen
Roger Breault
Carol Brown
Peter Campbell
Kathleen Carmichael
Donna Chaffee
Dale Collins
Shirley Coombe
Barry Couling
Rodina Couling
Sheila Crotty
Darlene Elias
Clara Ellefson
Claire Erlam
Arni Faintuck
Ruth Fleetwood
Kathie Gavin
Colleen Gibeau
Barbara Gibson
Audrey Gourley
Sterling Green
Mae Hadley
Alice Harrison
David Head
Anna Kool
Lesley Lambert
Sue Leighton
Eshter Linton
Wilhelmina McCannel
John McLaughlin
Juliana Nash
Pat Norris
Ilene Pedlar
Maureen Peters
Adrien Rootsaert
Marilyn Segall
Colleen Sicotte
Eric Taubaner
Marilyn Tywoniuk
Nick Tywoniuk
Nurian Walkemeyer
Jean Waters
Marjorie Wolfe
Naomi Wolfman
Shirley Youngman

If you are interested in donating your refund as well, please contact the Programs Department at programs@weseniors.ca and we would be happy to assist you. 

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