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Lorena Smalley

WSAC is very excited to announce effective January 2023, WSAC Members will have access to a FREE Strength Training Video Series, created by Edmonton fitness instructor Leslie McKenzie of Wellness Define.  With over 25 years of experience, Leslie McKenzie is one of Edmonton’s longest-serving fitness instructors. 

To help our members learn about strength training, Leslie also be hosting 1-hour in-person workshops here at our centre!

The Free Strength Training Video Series For WSAC Members

Created For All Levels Of Fitness!

  • This video series consists of a variety of exercises and are available for
    • level 1 (beginner),
    • level 2 (intermediate) or
    • level 3 (advanced) fitness levels.
  • Each level starts with a demo of each of the exercises where Leslie gives tips on proper movement and how to avoid injuries.
  • Then you will follow along with a series of videos based on your own fitness level, where Leslie gives tips and instructions on each exercise

Worried you might not be able to do strength training?
This series is all about working at your own pace and fitness level

Workout all the time?  The level 03 videos will challenge you!

New to strength training?  In this video, Leslie demos strength training from a seated position!

How You Can Access The Videos

The free strength training series is hosted on the Westend Seniors Activity Centre’s youtube page and is available FREE to all WSAC members.

We are very excited to offer this to our members but we also want to ensure that everyone doing the strength training video series has been given proper training before using the WSAC fitness room.

WSAC members will need to:

  • take the 1-hour workshop with Leslie McKenzie (details below) 

Please register for the 1 hour workshop with a volunteer with our front desk staff.

The 1-Hour Strength Training Workshop

What You Will Learn

During this in-person workshop that will take place in our centre’s fitness room, Leslie will:

  1. walk you through the video series,
  2. give tips on how to do all of the strength training exercises properly,
  3. outline how you will choose the proper amount of weight for yourself
  4. guide you on how to work at your own pace
  5. provide tips on how to ensure you avoid injury,
  6. and more

What You Will Receive

  1. A Strength Training Handbook where you can record your notes from the session, what weights you will use for each of the exercises and more.
  2. The handbook can then be used each time you do your strength training workout to help you record your success.
  3. After the workshop, WSAC staff will be on hand to help you access our FREE STRENGTH TRAINING VIDEO SERIES on your phone or tablet.  This will allow you to easily follow along with each of the videos and work out in our fitness room at your own pace!

How To Register

  • Pre-registration is required
  • Call us: 780 483 1209 ext 228 or Email: programs@weseniors.ca
  • Please bring a device (phone, tablet, laptop, etc.) with you so our Program Team staff can show you how to access the free strength training series on the WSAC youtube channel


  • Thursdays: 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m.
  • Cost: $10.00
  • Instructor: Leslie McKenzie

Additional Training Available!

Afterward, if you decide you would like some additional training, extra training is available!

  • Both Leslie McKenzie and long-time WSAC fitness instructor Janet Hauca are available for additional training.
  • You have options!
    • Take another 1-hour workshop with Leslie or
    • Book a 1-on-1 fitness training session with Janet.
  • Please ask the Program Team Staff for details by emailing them at Programs@weseniors.ca

Still have questions about Strength Training?

Leslie gives a brief explanation of what she will be teaching you and how the WSAC team will help you add strength training to your workout regime so you can do this at your own pace and when time allows!


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