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Lorena Smalley

Popular Science has some amazing articles on their website and we have been sharing a few of them as part of our Man Cave! series.  Next up…an article that features a very different type of photography…x-rays!

This chameleon is just chilling out – Oregon Zoo

Spooky animal x-rays are exactly as cool as you’d imagine – They’re spooky-scary!
By Jillian Mock  -October 29, 2018

As part of an animal’s routine check-up, the veterinarians at the Oregon Zoo send each “patient” through an x-ray machine. The zoo also recently tweeted out a compilation of their spookiest x-ray pictures as an early Halloween celebration. We talked to a veterinarian at the zoo, Richard Sim, about some of the wild anatomy in each image.

“They have a lot of strength in their hands,” says Sim. “Often when gripping a branch, they’ll have three toes on one side and two toes on the other,” as you can see in this image. Chameleons extend their tails for balance, so the fact that this little guy has his curled up into a perfect spiral means he must be pretty relaxed.

A flying fox, a beaver, a python, and more…CLICK HERE to visit the Popular Science website to see some amazing Xrays!


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