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Lorena Smalley

2022 was an exciting year for Programs at WSAC.


While WSAC was able to offer online programming and some in person through 2020 & 2021, 2022 saw the return of in person programs! The number of people returning to the centre increased substantially over the year!

We have successfully partnered with Seba Beach Golden Age Club, Trinity United Church, La Perle Community League to create new spaces for older adults so they may access programming in their community. You will find some of these programs listed in the Winter 2023 Program Guide.

2022 also saw the coming and going of Team Members. Andy, our online programmer, has provided invaluable support to members and to the greater WSAC Team. He is always willing to jump in and assist (and problem solve!!) wherever needed! He also has made the online community inclusive and accessible for all!

Samm & Alexa were our 2022 Summer Students. Samm created the program guides for Spring/Summer 2022 and guided us through the production of Fall 2022! Samm was also the go to for members who needed assistance with technology!!  Samm left the centre at the end of August to focus on her studies at university as she is now in her last year. Alexa worked tirelessly with the communications & program team to launch our Seba Beach initiative. This partnership will continue to grow over the next year thanks to the foundations she laid with Seba. Mikayla joined us in July. Mikayla jumped right in and has also become a valuable Program Team Member. Shortly after her arrival she started the planning and implementing of programming for Winter 2023, which will be rolled out the week of December 5th!   

We are looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings for WSAC Programming! We were excited to roll out new programs to members over the year and have partnered with some fabulous new instructors for Winter Programming. Please contact us if you have any questions about programs at WSAC!! 780-483-1209 ext. 228. 


We look forward to seeing you in 2023!

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