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Lorena Smalley

Love photography?  Who doesn’t enjoy looking at amazing photography?  While cute pet photos seems to get the most views on the internet, Facebook and Instagram there are some amazing space photography images that are being taken.  We continue to share some of our favorite articles from Popular Science’s website.  Up next…


Space Shots: The Universe’s Best Images – A gallery of photos, visualizations, and other pictures of outer space.

By Popular Science Staff


Here at Popular Science, we love space—and we know you do too. From seeing the nearly-true colors of Europa, a molten metal orb levitate in microgravity, or even a map of a distant protoplanet, pictures of and from beyond Earth are often the best way to journey to the final frontier.

To that end, this is your (almost) daily dose of amazing space imagery. Bookmark this page to see a wide variety of space-related eye candy, including photographs of our home planet taken from orbit, stunning scientific visualizations, and of course, amazing astronomy images.

Some of the photography you will see:

  • X-ray observations have shown astronomers what happens when a star gets eaten by a black hole, and this is what they think it looks like.
  • In April 2017, the Cassini spacecraft went where no spacecraft had gone before a warp in space-time created this view of four supernovas in one image. As a galaxy passed in front of an exploding star, the galaxy’s gravity bent the light from the supernova, splitting the image into four copies., diving between Saturn and its rings for our closest view yet of the ringed planet. All those bright swirls are storms in Saturn’s violent atmosphere.
  • and more!

CLICK HERE to visit the Popular Science website to see these amazing images!


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