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Lorena Smalley


We all love taking photos of our pets and lots of us share them online with our family and friends.  So how do you get those great pet photos we all see on Facebook and Instagram?  As part of our Photography Series, we have found a great article on the Animoto Blog website that gives you all the tips you need!


9 Tips for Taking Better Photos of your Pet – MOIRA WEST –

Pets are part of the family — and adorable, photogenic ones to boot. But it can be tricky to take photos of those furry family members, so we asked professional photographer Mary McGurn of McGurn Media to share a few of her tips for getting good shots of your pet. She would know — she’s the volunteer photographer and videographer for the Berkshire Humane Society, a no-kill shelter in Berkshire County, Massachusetts.

  1. Don’t move too much or make too much noise. Unless you want your pet to look up or in a specific direction, it’s best to minimize distractions — which means keeping movements slow and not making too much noise. Dogs may charge the camera, and cats might run away.
  2. Know what story you want to tell. Even though she doesn’t know the shelter animals, Mary said, “When I photograph and film, I have an outline of a story in mind.” You can change the story, but it’s helpful to have your setting and props planned out in advance.

Click Here to visit the Animoto Blog website to read more and find 10 more tips on how to you can best photograph your own pet’s portrait.


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