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Lorena Smalley

We have a very talented Photography Class here at our centre.  With the centre currently closed, we thought it would be fun to create a series for photographers, new and old to read!  The Lifehacker website has this fantastic article on Composition & Technique we thought we would share!


Basics of Photography: Composition and Technique – Adam Dachis

A well-composed photograph is really a matter of opinion, but there are a few tricks that tend to result in better pictures. That’s what we’re going to take a look at today.


Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds is the simplest rule of composition. All you do is take your frame and overlay a grid of nine equal sections. This means you split the vertical space into three parts and the horizontal space into three parts.

The intersection points are where the eye tends to go first, so it’s useful to place your subject on one of those points. People generally tend to aim for the center, but that’s often less effective.  If you find the rule of thirds a little boring, try composing using Fibonacci’s ratio



Photographing your subject straight-on is sometimes the right choice, but you can create visual impact by moving the camera left, right, above, and below. When you’re beneath the subject it often makes them/it appear more powerful to the viewer. Conversely, when you’re above the subject it makes them/it appear more diminutive. You can use this to an extreme for a powerful impact, but it’s also a very good subtle technique for portraits. Slight positioning above or below the subject can subconsciously imply aggressiveness and passivity (respectively) without being too, uh, obvious…

CLICK HERE to visit the Lifehacker website to read the full article to learn more!

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