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Lorena Smalley

We hope you have been enjoying our Kayaking series…this website has some fantastic articles for anyone wanting to get into kayaking so we are really excited to share some of them with you.  Next up…Part 3!


How to Paddle a Kayak: Basic Strokes

  • How to grip your paddle for an efficient stroke
  • The forward stroke for—you guessed it—going forward
  • The reverse stroke for slowing down and backing up
  • The sweep stroke for turning
  • The draw stroke for scooting your kayak sideway


How to Hold Your Paddle

Holding your paddle correctly is key to having an efficient, nonfatiguing stroke. You should also have a paddle that’s the correct length for you. If you’re not sure about yours read their article on  How to Choose a Kayak Paddle.

Holding a paddle the right way involves four things:

  1. Knowing what type of paddle blades you have
  2. Orienting the blades properly
  3. Adjusting where you grip the shaft
  4. Relaxing your hands on the paddle shaft

It also covers everything you need to know about paddle blades !


CLICK HERE to read more and make sure to check out the rest of their articles on kayaking…they are fantastic!

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