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Lorena Smalley

Want to know how to register for classes online?

Come join us!


Winter is here – and with that we enter a dangerous time of the year – slipping and sliding time! We do our very best to minimize slipping and maintain the parking lot, however, we know that ice will form at any time, anywhere. Personal safety is all of our responsibility. We must always wear proper footwear and use grippers if conditions require them. These precautions will help you everywhere you go this winter! We want to make sure everyone is safe this winter!

The Winter Program Guide will be available the week of December 5th.  Winter Member Registration takes place December 13th @ 2:30 pm. Reciprocal Registration starts on January 3, 2023. You must have your 2023 membership to register for classes. Please remember you MUST have purchased your 2023 prior to registration day if you would like to do online registration.

The Programs Team will host an Online Registration Training Session on 

Thursday, December 8th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Board Room

Drop by during this time if you have any questions or need a refresher for Online Registration!! 


We in the Programs Team wish everyone a happy season and thank everyone for the patience in 2022!!

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