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Lorena Smalley

Normally our spring and summer are filled with various 5km walks for charity.  With Covid-19, these walks have been cancelled but that doesn’t mean you can’t train to walk that distance.  

We found an article that has some great tips for training to enjoy your first 5km walk!   This schedule is for beginners who are normally active without significant health complaints BUT who do not regularly engage in fitness walking.  This article has a ton of information and outlines things like:

  • How Far Is a 5K Walk and How Long Will It Take?
  • 5K Beginner Training Goals
  • The Beginner 5K Walk Training Schedule and
  • Race Day Checklist
  • There is even a tool to help you determine your walking pace!

5K Walk Training Schedule for Beginners by  Wendy Bumgardner 

How Far Is a 5K Walk and How Long Will It Take?

The K in 5K stands for a kilometer, which is a little over half a mile. Five kilometers equals 3.1 miles. At a typical walking pace, you can walk it in 45 minutes. If you are a slower walker, you might take 60 minutes or more.

When choosing a 5K event, make sure it welcomes walkers and has a long enough time limit so you can comfortably finish. Not all events keep streets open long enough for slower walkers.

Beginner Training Goals

The good news is that the basic training for a 5K walk includes the amount of exercise recommended as the minimum amount to reduce your health risks and maintain optimum health.1 When you complete this training, you’ll:

  • Be able to walk a 5K walk (3.1 miles) in one hour or less
  • Improve your walking posture and form
  • Finish a 5K walk feeling energized rather than exhausted

CLICK HERE to visit the Very Well Fit website where you can read the rest of this article AND get a 9 week program for training!

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