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Lorena Smalley

HOW TO KNIT FOR BEGINNERS – The Ultimate Guide by Sheep&Stick.com

Since covid-19 arrived in March, a number of our members have taken up knitting…it was a very popular past time in the spring!  We recently shared a series of videos by Sheep&Stick to help beginners learn to knit.  Their website (www.sheepandstick.com) has a fantastic article for beginners.

The article is broken down into 3 sections:

  1. CAST ON – The adventure begins! Transform loose yarn into neat stitches.
  2. KNIT STITCH – This simple stitch makes up the backbone of knitting.
  3. CAST OFF – Get your knitting off the needles so you can wear it out and proud!

It also has some tips on yarn & needles, links to youtube videos and a link to their knitting pattern library!

CLICK HERE to read their Ultimate guide!


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