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Lorena Smalley

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so we thought we would find some fun recipes and other fun tips to share!

How to Carve the Perfect Turkey Like a Pro!

This article does a great job of breaking down the carving step-by-step!

  1. Pull Leg Away From Breast
  2. Cut Through Joint and Skin
  3. Cut Through the Joint
  4. Detach Drum and Thigh

There are 11 steps to carving your turkey…CLICK HERE to visit the Food Network’s website to follow the rest of the steps!



40 Tasty Ways to Use All That Leftover Turkey

For most of us, the best part of  a turkey dinner is the left overs!  The Food Network’s website has a fantastic article outlining 40 ways to use leftovers!  Some of the recipes look amazing.  Here are the top 5 we think look the most promising!
  1. Turkey Frittata
  2. Turkey Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie
  3. Turkey Stuffing Meatballs
  4. Leftover Turkey Chili
  5. Roasted Turkey Lasagna
Don’t these sound yummy!  CLICK HERE to visit the Food Network’s website to find these recipes and check out the other 35!

10 Turkey Cooking Tips to Roast the Perfect Bird Every Time

There is nothing worse than spending hours in the kitchen preparing Thanksgiving dinner, only to find that the turkey is dry and your stuffing is over done.  We found a fantastic article that gives some easy-to-follow, practical tips on cook the perfect turkey every time!
  1. Plan Ahead and Season Well
  2. Use a Roasting Rack
  3. Add Liquid
  4. Start High, Keep it Low
CLICK HERE to get the rest of their tips!

Your 10 Most Common Turkey Cooking Questions, Answered

The Food Network did a fantastic job of answering some of the top questions people having about turkeys!  This article outlines things like:

  • How to cook a turkey, and for how long?
  • How do you brine a turkey?
  • How to defrost a turkey quickly?
  • Why is turkey the healthiest meat?

CLICK HERE to find the answers to these questions and others on the Food Network’s website!

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