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Lorena Smalley

Edmonton Seniors Centre – Waiver for Class Participation

  • By clicking on the URLs, sending requests to instructors for invitations to online classes, or
    participating in any online resource provided by ESC, all participants recognize that the
    activities of the program you will be participating in may have some inherent risks.
  • By participating you knowingly and voluntarily assume the risks of engaging in this activity.
  • You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to be aware of the risks associated with the
    activity and to safeguard yourself by ensuring:

1. That you are physically able/capable of the activity;
2. That you exercise safety measures appropriate to the activity; and
3. That you do not participate beyond your capabilities.

  • By participating you acknowledge that you understand that Edmonton Seniors Centre
    endeavors to provide the best possible leadership and instruction, and to provide a safe
    environment for the program/activity you are joining.
  • By participating you acknowledge that the Centre only organizes activities, and does not necessarily possess any special skill
    or knowledge in relation to the activity itself.
  • By participating you hereby release Edmonton Seniors Centre from any liability arising
    out of your participation


Edmonton Seniors Centre – Code of Conduct

  • ESC code of conduct applies to its online, live courses as well.
  • If you choose to participate in an online, live class you will be held to the same code of conduct.
  • By participating you agree to the following:
    • The Edmonton Seniors Centre is committed to providing a welcoming, caring and tolerant
      environment for its members, volunteers, staff and guests.
    • ESC strives to create a friendly, supportive and respectful atmosphere and thereby, has established this Code of Conduct to
      ensure proper decorum is maintained for the benefit of all those that visit, volunteer and
      are employed at the Centre.
    • While attending the Edmonton Seniors Centre (ESC) live online classes everyone shall be expected and required to behave in a respectful manner and no physical or verbal abuse or inappropriate behavior will be tolerated toward fellow members, volunteers, staff or visitors.


 Inappropriate behavior includes:

 Creating a disturbance in the class
 Engaging in verbal or physical attacks
 Making inappropriate, disrespectful or critical comments to make someone feel
 Name calling and personal verbal attacks
 Yelling or profanity
 Harassment of any nature which is intended to make someone feel uncomfortable.
 Attempts to bully, intimidate or threaten others
 Bigoted remarks or attacks based on race, nationality, color, creed, gender or sexual

Contraventions of this Code of Conduct shall result in sanctions ranging from a verbal warning through to a revocation of membership or privileges or expulsion from the live, online class.


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