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Trevor Tessier

How many of us have memories of having lunch in downtown Edmonton at one of those amazing lunch counters!  Kresge’s, Zellers or the Silk Hat, they were a huge part of Edmonton’s downtown.  We recently found some wonderful articles about Edmonton’s history so up next is our series we are sharing on EDMONTON”S HISTORY!
Edmonton City as Museum Project (ECAMP) is an initiative of the Edmonton Heritage Council that explores the history of our city through story.  “The stories that connect us, the stories that divide us, and the stories that nurture an appreciation of our differences as Edmontonians.”

Edmonton History: Downtown’s Lunch Counters – Author Lawrence Herzog 

They ranged from the diminutive lunch counters at Kresge’s and the Metropolitan on 101st Street north of Jasper Avenue, to cafeteria-style eateries at Zeller’s in the Tegler Building (also on 101st) and Woolworths on 102nd Street

The Silk Hat, the American Dairy Lunch, Johnson’s Café…CLICK HERE to read about these local eateries.
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