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Lorena Smalley

Do you live with someone with moderate dementia, or, do you know someone who is a caregiver for a loved one with dementia? Have you heard of the Building Resilience in Caregivers (BRiC) program offered through the Primary Network?

BRiC Purpose:

We build linkages and connections for the caregivers of individuals impacted by dementia o education, information and a network of peers. Plus, provide a primary care-led, 11-week program of cognitive stimulation therapy and nutrition program ( in-person/group session), for individuals diagnosed with dementia.

Overall the program met its purpose and participants experienced positive outcomes.
• There was an increase of caregiver connections to community resources and peers.
• There was increased caregiver confidence and coping skills
• 39% of caregivers decreased their caregiver burden score
• 7 of 9 participants with dementia maintained or improved their cognitive scores throughout the duration of the program
• The BRiC program has positively impacted the caregivers relationships with their loved ones

To see the video of the BRiC final evaluation and to see the testimony of those who participated in the program follow the link.

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