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Lorena Smalley

Have you tried adding yoga to your home fitness routine yet?  With spring here that means we can head outdoors and maybe even try an outdoor yoga class!  We continue to share some of our favorite articles on yoga.  Up next…

Fitness – Beginning Yoga Workout For Men by Ann Pizer

Though it can be hard for anyone to overcome their initial discomfort and start doing yoga, it seems especially difficult for some men.

There is one man I know who talks to me about trying yoga every time I see him but can’t quite make himself do it. There are a few factors that make it hard for guys to show up to their first yoga class, despite their underlying feeling that it would be really good for them. If this sounds familiar to you, one of the best ways to start to feel more comfortable is to practice some postures on your own at home.

While I always encourage beginners to go to class as much as possible, there’s also a lot to be said for learning a few poses beforehand and starting to feel the benefits of a regular practice.

A Word About Props

Props like blocks and blankets can really make a big difference in a beginner’s yoga practice. Using props helps you get into the correct alignment to help your body stretch in a safe way. If you don’t have official props, you can try our prop hacks. Blocks are especially useful. You can use thick books, boxes, overturned trash cans, step stools, children’s chairs, whatever you have around the house.

A Word About Breathing

You may be used to measuring your workout in reps, sets, or minutes. Yoga poses are measured in breaths.2 Ideally, deep full breaths through the nose. If a pose causes you discomfort, think of sending the breath into the area where that sensation is. Notice if your breath wants to come faster or more shallow in certain positions and try to lengthen the breath. If breathing becomes difficult in any posture, come out and rest.


Click here to visit the VERY WELL FIT website to read more and see some photos of the various poses!


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