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Lorena Smalley


Each month, Alison Philips, co-owner of Aligra Wine & Spirits, and her team will provide us with some tasty suggestions!  Many of you will remember Alison as one of our, our Friends of WSAC partners and the wonderful host of our wine tasting events here at our centre that were held in 2020.


Hallows & Fentimans Ginger Brew  UK

Tasting Notes: The ultimate alcoholic ginger beer from the 1905 recipe that made Fentiman’s famous in the U.K. for a century to come. This special recipe was given to John Hollows by Thomas Fentiman as dowry for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Hollow proceeded to run one of the Fentiman’s brewing halls and the result is this wonderful long lived brand. Using traditional old school fermentation, which involves only the addition of yeast and sugar to the fresh botanical ginger brew, it takes nearly two weeks to ferment and the result is one of the most festive and refreshing ways to drink available. So creamy smooth and not overly spicey. Definitely a new favourite.


AOG Zenata Domaine Ouled Thaleb Signature Chenin Blanc 11.5% abv  Morocco

Tasting Notes: I tried this wine blind a couple weeks back, and was asked “what country?”. I knew this was a loaded question. I guessed Northern Portugal, so at least I kind of got the latitude. Morocco has a long history of wine making, punctuated by various occupancies (Roman, Muslim, French). Domaine Ouled Thaleb is named after the tribe that owns the vineyards’ land and works at the winery. Ouled Thaleb led the renewal of the Moroccan wine industry in the 1990’s. With its high mountains (Atlas) and maritime influence, Morocco is a great area for growing grapes. As they say, location (up), location (near a cool ocean) location (shielded from the Sahara by the mountains). 100% Chenin Blanc. Eye: light gold, lime tints, clear rim. Aroma: lemon verbena, washed stones, pear, green snap pea. Palate: clean, bright, with citrus, jicama, green apple, good balance of acid and fruit, medium length finish. A very attractive summer sipper. Pair with fish, soft cheeses, light poultry dishes, vegetarian casseroles.


Scotch Sour Cocktail  Scotland

Tasting Notes: It’s summer time and I thought I’d experiment with a seasonal twist on Scotch! The classic scotch sour is little more than an upgrade to scotch on the rocks. It’s also a brilliant way to enhance some of the softer aspects of a great whisky. The mix is as simple as adding a touch of fresh lemon juice and shaking the two ingredients. Every scotch is going to require a different amount of citrus, and finding your preferences is half the fun. It’s perfect after a run in the park chasing my ball!


99 Flavoured Liqueur 50ml  USA

Tasting Notes: These little guys pack a punch. You wanna soup up a sangria? Crank up a cocktail? Well these little guys don’t kid around. At 99 proof (49.5% ABV) these flavoured liqueurs are sure to liven up any party. Comes in Black Cherry, Peach, Root Beer, and Whipped.

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