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Lorena Smalley

Asparagus 101: Varieties, Cooking Methods, Recipes, and More


Asparagus has been a sought-after delicacy since ancient times. Thick or thin, vibrant green or creamy white, these healthful harbingers of spring have a lot to offer. Read on for our tips on selecting and preparing asparagus, as well as plant-based recipes to try.



Asparagus spears are actually the young shoots of a fern-like plant that sprout up (and up!) when soil temperatures go above 50˚F. The long, bud-tipped stalks are one of the first locally grown produce items to hit the market in spring. Nowadays, asparagus is available year-round, but spring remains the tastiest (and least expensive) time to buy them. (Fun fact: Modern cooks are not the first to enjoy their extended availability, either. The succulent spears were such a favorite with Louis XIV in the 17th century that his gardener at Versailles devised a greenhouse system the Sun King could enjoy them throughout the seasons.)


In this article you can know:

  • Different type of asparagus
  • How to select and store asparagus
  • How to trim asparagus
  • Can you eat asparagus raw?
  • 6 ways to cook asparagus
  • Some asparagus recipes
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