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Lorena Smalley

Planning today means being prepared for tomorrow…

Since we started our Friends of WSAC sponsored Toonie Talks in January 2019, we have heard a number of our guest speakers talk about “Aging in Place”.  So what does that mean?  Basically, it means being able to ideally stay in our homes as we age.

One key message our Toonie Talk presenters have shared…“start thinking about it now and educate yourselves so if something happens and you have to make major decisions, you know what your options are.”

We wanted to share this article on Aging In Place because it outlines some really important topics:

  • Thinking about your community – The type of community you live in can impact your ability to live independently. Does your community engage seniors?
  • Getting around – Driving, public transit, family members who can drive for you…Being able to get to appointments, shopping and recreational activities is an important part of being as independent as possible.
  • Thinking about supports – Do you need some help with the day-to-day activities of living independently within your own home?
  • Staying connected – How can we stay connected to friends, family and community as we age? In addition, social connections with community members of all ages can support physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being.
  • Staying healthy – How can we make sure we are active, eating well, and exercising regularly so we reduce the risk of health problems and increase our energy levels?
  • Staying financially secure – Understanding and planning for future expenses and staying informed about available income sources will help you maintain your desired standard of living.
  • Staying safe and free from abuse – Even though people of all ages experience fraud and abuse (including financial abuse), older adults may be particularly vulnerable. There are many good sources of information available to help seniors learn to protect themselves from fraud and abuse.

We hope you will CLICK HERE to read on these topics so you can plan today and to help you prepare to age in place!


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