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Lorena Smalley

Our MANCAVE is all about finding great articles, videos, photos, etc on topics that we know guys will enjoy!

What guy doesn’t love WD-40!  We recently had a member pop by the centre, suggesting that we share some of the information that WD-40 has on their website.  We took a peek and found a website full of some fun facts, information and tips and we knew we just HAD to share it!

Did you know

  • WD-40 should NOT be used on a bike chain?
  • WD-40 contains FISH OIL!
  • A bus driver in Asia used WD-40® to remove a python, which had coiled itself around the undercarriage of his bus.

CLICK HERE to visit the WD-40 website and read the answers and find out some more fun facts!

Make sure to check out the section called HISTORY to learn about how it all got started and what they have been doing since 1953!


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